Pull Down Attic Stair Cover

$ 180.00

The Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover is designed to air seal and insulate your attic opening, blocking the escape of home heating dollars in the winter and providing greater comfort and reduced cooling costs during the summer.

Constructed of polyisocyanurate foam insulation board that is sandwiched between layers of laminated foil, it is a product designed to last as long as your home. Its cellular foam core gasket provides a continuous air seal and stops costly energy drain.

Specified and used in many state, community, and utility energy conservation programs nationwide, the use of an Attic Stair Cover can help conserve enough energy to pay for itself in just one year.  The Attic Stair Cover is constructed of fire-rated material, to meet many state and local building code requirements.

The attic stair cover comes in an easily assembled kit, which includes six lap joint components, a tube of adhesive, foil tape, and step-by-step instructions. Equipped with only a caulking gun, scissors and a hammer, you can assemble and install this money saving stair cover in approximately fifteen minutes.

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