PVC Precut Jacket - Indoor and outdoor pipe insulation jacket

$ 5.00

  • PVC Plastic Jacket to protect insulation from UV Rays outdoors and water exposure indoors. 
  • PVC pipe Insulation Jacket is used to protect Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, Elastomeric Rubber Pipe Insulation, or any other type of pipe insulation that needs protection from outside elements
  • Pre-cut to fit pipe diameter and pre-formed with self sealing tape for easy installation 
  • All 48" Lengths
  • Price is per 4' section
  • White in color
  • PVC Adhesive needed to seal opening if exposed to water
  • Sizing is by Outside Diameter (after Pipe Insulation is installed). For example, if you insulate a 3" Iron Pipe with 1" thick insulation you would have 1" of insulation on EACH side (2" total) plus the 3" diameter of the pipe plus an additional 0.5" overlap. 2+3+0.5 = 5.5 Precut PVC Jacket. See Sizing Chart in pictures for help.
  • Data Sheet