K-Flex Insul-Lock (Pre-Split Rubber Pipe Insulation w/ Self Sealing Lap)

$ 4.45

  • 72" long sections, Black in color
  • Price per section
  • Closed Cell, Pre-slit Rubber Pipe Insulation
  • Condensation control for chilled water and refrigerant lines
  • Available thicknesses: 3/8" (R2), 1/2" (R3), 3/4" (R5), 1" (R7)

INSUL-Lock® Pre-Slit is a flexible, closed-cell elastomeric pipe insulation product used to conserve energy and prevent condensation on piping applications. The product's closed-cell structure creates exceptional thermal properties (k-value of 0.245 at 75F and wvt of 0.03 perm-in) that protect against moisture penetration in applications within a -297F to +220F temperature range.

INSUL-LOCK® Pre-Slit is widely used in the HVAC/R and plumbing markets for its cold weather flexibility, durable skin surface, exacting manufacturing tolerances and lasting performance. It is pre-slit to reduce installation time and is available in 6' lengths in wall thicknesses ranging from 3/8” to 1-1/2”. INSUL-LOCK® is pre-slit, non-porous, non-fibrous and resists mold, fungal and bacterial growth. For added protection, it is protected with an EPA-approved antimicrobial agent.

INSUL-LOCK® Pre-Slit is GREENGUARD® certified under the Children and Schools certification, is approved through supervision by the Factory Mutual Research Corporation, and is 25/50-rated when tested to ASTM E 84 standards.

Rubber Pipe Insulation is also called Hydronic Pipe Insulation in different specs and was commonly referred to as Rubatex in the past.

Sizing for rubber pipe insulation is done by Copper Pipe Outside Diamater. For example, the correct size to order for 1/2" Copper Pipe is 5/8" (the O.D. of a 1/2" Copper Pipe). Please see sizing chart for Iron Pipe Size conversions.

Additional Jacketing is recommended for outdoor use: PVC and Metal Outdoor Jacket

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