Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

$ 3.56

  • Preformed fiberglass pipe insulation in cylindrical form with white all service jacket (ASJ).
  • 36” sections, Price per section, Butt strips supplied for seams.
  • Intended as a thermal insulation for hot and cold service piping.
  • Temperature Range = 0 to 1000F Degrees.
  • Wrinkle-free all service vapor retarder jacket (ASJ) with self-sealing lap closure system (white in color).
  • Formaldehyde free Earthwool insulation made with ECOSE technology
  • Open Cell Fiberglass Insulation. Mastic must be used to seal any open fiberglass ends for condensation control.
  • May be used for commercial and institutional insulation usage.
  • Jacketing needed for outside use: PVC and Metal Outdoor Jacket.
  • Manufactured in the USA by Manson Insulation (Knauf).
  • See pictures for sizing chart on copper and iron pipe sizes.
  • Sizing help is available here
  • Data Sheet


Fiberglass insulation thickness  R Value
1/2" 3
1" 6
1 1/2" 10
2" 12