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Fiberglass Pipe Insulation (Formaldehyde Free)

by Manson
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    • Preformed fiberglass pipe insulation in cylindrical form with white all service jacket (ASJ).
    • 36” sections, Price per section, Butt strips supplied for seams.
    • Intended as a thermal insulation for hot and cold service piping.
    • Temperature Range = 0 to 1000F Degrees.
    • Wrinkle-free all service vapor retarder jacket (ASJ) with self-sealing lap closure system (white in color).
    • UL-Validated Formaldehyde free Earthwool insulation made with ECOSE technology
    • Made with a minimum of 50% recycled content 
    • Very low-emitting product; received the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for indoor air quality
    • Contributes points to a building’s total rating in green building rating systems, such as the LEED v4 credits
    • IgCC Section 806.6 Compliant, EUCEB certified
    • Open Cell Fiberglass Insulation. Mastic must be used to seal any open fiberglass ends for condensation control.
    • Jacketing needed for outside use: PVC and Metal Outdoor Jacket.
    • Manufactured in the USA by Manson Insulation (Knauf).
    • Sizing help is available here
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    Alley-K pipe insulation is a preformed fiberglass pipe insulation product composed of high quality glass fibers bonded together with a thermosetting resin. The 36" pipe sections are available with all service jacket (ASJ), which is reinforced with glass fibers and come with a factory-applied, pressure-sensitive self-sealing lap closure system (SSL). 

    Manson Insulation fiberglass pipe insulation is intended as a thermal insulation product for hot and cold service piping. Typical uses include domestic hot and cold water, hot water heating, high temperature, dual temperature, steam, condensate and refrigerated lines. 

    This product uses ECOSE® Technology, a patented, plant-based binder - a smarter alternative to the phenol/formaldehyde (PF) binder traditionally used in fiberglass products. The bio-based binder holds the product together and gives the product its unique appearance. All of Manson's product are formaldehyde-free and made from sustainable resources, such as recycled glass and sand. Manson products are made with a minimum of 50% recycled glass—resulting in recycling of an average of 26 million bottles each month.


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  • Fiberglass pipe insulation sizing chart for iron pipes(IPS):

    fiberglass pipe insulation sizing chart

  • Fiberglass pipe insulation sizing chart for copper pipes:

    copper pipe fiberglass insulation sizing chart