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3M Smoke and Sound Seal SS 100 White

by 3M
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A high-performance flexible latex sealant designed to minimize sound transfer and prevent the spread of smoke. Designed to seal construction joints and through penetrations in non-fire-rated wall and floor assemblies. In addition, product acts as a draftstop to prevent unwanted air movement and provides a barrier against dust and other airborne particulates.
Typical applications include: bottom-of-wall, head-of-wall and wall-to-wall construction joints in non-fire-rated construction. Typical through penetrations include: metallic pipe, non-metallic pipe (excluding CPVC), insulated pipe, conduit, power and communication cables and combinations of multiple penetrants. Ideal for smoke partitions and acoustical assemblies.
  • Creates an effective barrier to mitigate smoke and toxic gas spread
  • Helps minimize sound transfer
  • +/- 10% movement capability
  • An effective draftsop
  • Re-enterable / repairable
  • Sag-resistant formulation
  • Cleans up with water
  • Paintabile

Available in:

  • 20oz Sausage
  • 4.5 Gallon Bucket

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