Vinyl Door Weatherstripping (84” Long)

$ 18.00

This new Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping is an eco-friendly combination doorstop and weatherstripping that contains no wood, which means no priming, painting or caulking is needed.

84" long x 36" top x 1-3/8" wide.

Sold Individually.

12 each per full case.

The Windjammers Foam Weatherstripping, has a superior sealing gasket composed of an open-celled foam and polyethylene liner that provides long term performance, low compression force, and resistance against compression set. Resistance to compression set -the ability of a seal to spring back into shape after being compressed over and over again is the single most important factor in distinguishing weather sealing performance.

The Windjammer Foam Weatherstrips sealing gasket retains its original shape year after year, providing an excellent door weather seal on both large and small gaps alike and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Remains pliable from -40°F and meets ASTM, BSI, DIN and ISO standards .The door weather seal doorstop is an easy to cut cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which has become widely accepted as a substitute for wood, due to its superior performance characteristics: won’t absorb water, rot, warp, or splinter which means less waste, long life. The tops are pre-cut for uniform fit, efficient installation and superior air sealing. Comes ready to install, and can be painted.

The Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping is preferred by installers and inspectors in a nationwide survey. Each set contains one 36″ header and two 84″ factory coped side stops for uniform fit and ease of installation. Nail up installation, no screws needed. Nails are not included. Available in two popular sizes: wide and narrow, colors white or brown. Use Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping to deal drafty doors a blow of their own and seal in comfort and energy savings for years to come.

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