3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape FWBT4, 4 in x 75 ft, 1 roll

$ 65.00

3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape
  • Provides fire, water and smoke protection in construction and perimeter joints
  • Works as acoustic barrier by minimizing noise transfer, Acts as an immediate barrier to water leakage
  • Broad temperature range when applying
  • High tack adhesive sticks to many common building materials
  • Alternative to fire-stop caulking

3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape is an elastomeric fire, water, smoke and sound tape. When installed properly it can act as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission, while helping to control the transmission of fire, heat and smoke. 3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape can provide up to 4-hours of fire protection in construction joints per ASTM E 1966 (UL 2079), 3-hour fire protection in perimeter joints per ASTM E 2307 and 2-hour fire protection in through-penetration applications per ASTM E 814 (UL 1479). To be used with mineral wool fire stafing.