Dow FROTH-PAK 200 Complete Sealant

$ 285.00

FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation is a two-component, quick-cure closed cell polyurethane foam that fills cavities, cracks and expansion joints for insulation and air sealing.


The FROTH-PAK 200 Kit comes in one box with two cylinders, a hose, gun, and replacement nozzles. 


The kit will spray cover 200 board feet. Board feet measures volume. For example, if you spray 1" thick you can cover 200 square feet. If you spray 2" thick you can cover 100 square feet, etc. 


Building Code Compliance

  • UL Classified; see Classification Certificate R7813
  • NFPA 286 Testing; can be left exposed in non-fire-resistant rated roof/wall junctures (max. 6" high and 2" deep, unlimited width)

Data Sheet