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Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Fiberglass pipe insulation, commercial pipe insulation, copper tubing insulation, Iron pipe insulation.

Knauf 1000 fiberglass pipe insulation is the insulation contractors choice of fiberglass insulation. It is produced in 3' lengths with a factory-applied ASJ jacket that acts as a vapor barrier to prevent condensation. Fiberglass insulation is ideal to retard heat loss or gain for copper tubing insulation, and iron pipe. Knauf insulation is an industry leader in fiberglass insulation products and passes most commercial building fire test requirements (please see below for more details).
Info on Knauf Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
Knauf 1000 Pipe Insulation is a molded, heavy-density, one-piece insulation made from inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermo-setting resin. It is produced in 3' lengths with a factory-applied jacket. The jacket is a white kraft paper bonded to aluminum foil, and it is reinforced with a fiberglass scrim. The longitudinal lap of the jacket is comes with self-sealing adhesive, and a butt-strip is furnished for each section.
Knauf 1000 Pipe Insulation is used in to retard heat loss in power, process and industrial applications, and in commercial and institutional buildings where maximum fire safety, resistance to physical abuse, and a finished a appearance are desired. Additional weather protection is needed outdoors. Please email us for additional weather protection and jacketing. Insulation inner and outer diameters comply with ASTM C 585.
More Info :
Uses: Retard Heat Loss, Prevent Condensation
Length: 3 ft. per section
Price: per section
Sizes: Listed by Iron Pipe Size.  Please view the sizing chart for copper tube sizes.
Color: White (Jacket), Yellow (Fiberglass)
Thickness: 1/2", 1", 1.5", 2"
Temp Range: 0 - 1000 (F)
Fire: UL, 25/50 Rated according to ASTM E 84
Thermal Conductivity: K @ 75 degrees = 0.23; (Please view each thicknesses for R Values)
Energy Conservation
Offers excellent resistance to heat loss or gain, which saves energy and lowers operating costs.
A low thermal conductivity of .23 at 75F (24C).
Low-Cost Installation
Available with self-sealing lap, which eliminates need for staples, and additional material and tools.
Fast, easy installation reduces labor costs.
Condensation Control
Installed properly, the foil vapor retarder and pressure-sensitive lap assure a positive vapor seal.
UL Classified
All Knauf Pipe Insulation, plain or jacketed, meets the fire and smoke safety requirements of most federal, state, and local building codes.
Easy Size Identification
Pipe size, wall thickness, and Proto 25/50-Rated PVC fitting cover size are printed in a repeat pattern along the longitudinal lap.
Easy identification at job site.
Simplifies restocking.
After application, print is covered by the lap for a neat appearance.
Available in these sizes (email us if you need a size not sold on the website):
Iron Pipe Sizes:  in. to 24 in. nominal pipe size
Copper Tube Sizes: 5/8 in. to 6 1/8 in.
Wall Thicknesses: in. to 6" in single layer.
See Knauf 1000 Pipe Insulation Sizes Links below for more information on Thermal Efficiencies and Available Sizes for Iron Pipe and Copper Tube applications.
Important PDFs:

Please note that we do not only sell materials from Knauf and products may differ slightly.

Express Insulation carries many types of ductwork insulation, fire stopping products and fiberglass pipe insulation products and accessories that are not yet listed on the website. Express Insulation is committed to offering you the best choice in fiberglass insulation and all types of mechanical pipe insulation and we are happy to assist you in finding a solution whether you are an industrial insulation contractor or a home owner looking to find pipe insulation. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you might have.

Please note that our fiberglass pipe insulation is already jacketed and ready for installation but energy conservation, condensation preventation and other uses such as using fiberglass insulation to prevent unwanted corrosion or sound absorption are determinant on the correct installation, selection of thickness, and jacketing. Fiberglass insulation products are not always suitable for all applications. Industrial Insulation products and fiberglass pipe insulation we carry are Knauf, Manson, and Owens Corning. They are equivalent in performance and can be used interchangeably.

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