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Express Insulation is a leading distributor of commercial and industrial insulation products throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in providing professional grade insulation products for the following applications: Mechanical Insulation, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Insulation (HVAC), Industrial Processes, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Marine Applications. At our website you can easily and securely order the same insulation products used by all the certified pipe insulation contractors in America. Our products consist of the following materials: Fiberglass Insulation, Closed Cell Elastomeric Foam Insulation and Polyethylene Insulation. Please see below for a list of our high quality fiberglass pipe insulation, ductwork insulation and duct liner, firestop insulation and Insulation Tapes and Accessories.

What makes Express Insulation different than other online insulation distributors?
                                                    1) We have over 30 warehouses strategically placed throughout the US so your product is always in Stock
                                                    2) A simple online checkout process through paypal
                                                    3) We buy direct from Manufacturers unlike other online distributors
                                                                 4) We have insulation specialists to answer your questions and provide custom solutions
Product Range:
Overview of our products:
Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Products - Designed for the HVAC and Refrigeration industry. The material's closed-cell foam technology is highly recommended for condensation control, due to its excellent moisture vapor resistance (<0.06) and thermal conducticty (.265 K at 75 degree F). Applications include refrigerant lines, cold water plumbing, chilled water systems, and can also be used to retard heat flow on solar panels and other applications up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a very flexible product that makes it easy to apply. Available in un-slit or pre-slit pipe insulation, sheets and rolls. Various types of protective cladding are available upon request. Our main supplier of rubber insulation products is K-Flex USA which was formerly known as Nomaco and Rubatex Insulation (brand name Insul-Tube®)
Click here for more info on our rubber foam insulation products
Fiberglass Insulation Products -  Made from inorganic glass fibers and a foil vapor retarder ASJ jacket, this product offers excellent resistance to heat loss and gain with a thermal conductivity (.23 K at 75 degress F).  The inorganic fibers give the product excellent fire resistance and can be applied to applications with an operating temperature up to 1000 degrees Farenheight.  Common uses include building, industrial and process applications. Available in Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, Duct Liner, and Duct Wrap. Our main supplier include Knauf, Owens Corning, and Manson.
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Polyethylene Insulation Products - Commonly referred to as Therma-cel Insulation, the material is self-sealing, flexible, polyolefin, thermal insulation. Therma-cel has a low thermal conductivity and low water vapor transmission rate. The product is very low density with strong thermal, physical and chemical resistant properties but is less flexible than our Rubber Foam Insulation products and does not have strong fire resistance. Service temperature range between -330°F and 210°F (-201°C and 99°C). It can be installed in commercial, industrial and residential insulation projects. Acceptable for use with heat tracing/heat tape.
Click here for more info on our polyethylene therma-cel products.
3M Fire Protection and Firestop Products - 3M is the leader in fire protection technology and high performance firestop products. We offer a range of fire barrier caulks, sealants, intumescent strips, and non-combustible duct wrap for air ducts. 3M Firestop and Fire Protection Products are easy to install and are approved for a wide variety of firestop applications by Underwriter's Laboratories, Factory Mutual and Omega point Laboratories. They are the only manufacturer to provide fully tested systems to firestop through-penetrations, perimeter joints, top-of-wall gaps, structural steel, emergency circuitry, and grease/air ducts.
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Email us at ( for a Custom Quotation of any of your commercial Insulation needs that you do not see on our website or for large orders of fiberglass duct insulation, Firestop, Rubatex products, rubber pipe insulation, fiberglass pipe insulation and ductwork insulation of all kinds.

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